Correct me if am wrong but when am talking about windows defender and microsoft security essentials i imagine am talking about the same thing.I have been using Microsoft security essentials for over 4 years now and have not faced any Malware problems.In the past i have used anti-viruses like ESET ,AVAST,KASPERSKY,WINDOWS DEFENDER and honestly speaking i have never like ESET at all anti-viruses like this one don't give much options on disinfecting infected files all they do is remove the virus together with the infected file,well sometimes infected files can be very important files,could be windows files that help the computer run smoothly.

Avast also kind of behaved the same way ESET did but i kind of liked one feature about this Avast anti-virus.Avast is able to scan files before windows even boots if it was set to scan on boot which is a feature that a lot of anti-viruses lack and am not only saying this because my eyes are glued to windows defender and Microsoft security essentials.

Anti-viruses like kaspersky and bit defender are also awesome and very power anti-viruses but what i don't like about them  is they provide way to many features some of which i don't even need,features like securing confidential documents i mean who would actually trust a software company to keep your credit card credentials safe,things like that should never even be on the computer in the first place,hackers may hack you or software companies keeping that information and trust me nothing is un-hackable.It is because of these unnecessary features that i don't use kaspersky and bit defender but they are awesome anti-viruses and my use up most of my Ram random access memory and you have to buy them.

Windows defender is a free anti-virus you don't need to pay a dime to use it and what better place to get your anti-virus for your windows operating system than from a company that manufactures its own anti-virus,they know whats best for you.

windows defender gives you clear options to remove or allow any executable files behaving like viruses,it gives you the power,also works in the background to make sure that any suspected files are thrown to the dungeon.

cons about windows defender

  • windows defender and Microsoft security essentials want to be updates at-least once a week,this may be a pain in the ass for people that have poor INTERNET connections but its the best way to keep your computer safe.

  • Unlike Microsoft security essentials windows defender can still protect your computer even when outdated.
  • Plus windows defender is only available on windows 8 and above and Microsoft security essentials is a better alternative.
Comment with your favorite anti virus and write what you like about it,share with your friends and lets see what they have to say.

WHY USE WINDOWS DEFENDER WHY USE WINDOWS DEFENDER Reviewed by Richard Chola Bupe on 09:12 Rating: 5
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