Becoming a good programmer is not going to come over night,its not as easy as they explain it,its an art that requires your patience,read less and do more.

This is to inform you that this article is not based on pure facts but on opinions with experience as a programmer and also according to the findings on what other programmers have written about this topic.

Programming is not as difficulty as people think, but it can be a little challenging if we don’t know where to pick up from, what tools to use. Even famous people like bill gates, Steve jobs, mark zuckerberg did not know anything at first, they had to go through a lot of challenges before finally becoming what they are takes more than interest and passion to become a fluent programmer. Below is a list of some of the factors or rather reasons that are delaying programmers from attaining their desired level of programming fluency.

#1. Spend too much time bragging about what you want to do.

I remember a lot of times I would brag to my friends about what I want to start working on, a lot of them were not nerds like me so they just laughed at what I was saying because it seemed so impossible to achieve. I thought it was possible but due to their opinions I ended up sowing seeds of doubt in my mind, this was really a draw back because I started to doubt what am capable of achieving. A lot of times we let others talk us out of doing what we want to do, so why not spend a lot of time doing what you want to do and later brag about it to your friends, you should be like ‘’look what I made guys, a cool game’’ and they’ll be like’ ’awesome!!! How did you do it’’.so sometimes it’s good to keep your projects a secret and surprise everyone later so as to avoid discouragement.

#2. You want to do everything the easy way

Us a programmer you should try by all means to defeat the lazy part of you, many of us don’t like writing code from tutorial books step by step in our editors so that by doing so we read on the comments on what that piece of code does, we just want to use the inbuilt computer functions of copying and pasting the code from the books to the code editors and see what it does and later read about it the also tempted to do copy at times but mostly the books I use are security protected .The mind is a very powerful tool, our thinking capacity improves when we think outside the box, instead of just copying and pasting try to figure out what the code does without reviewing the explanation of the code. Try to mix up the code, type it with your own hands, and add some different strings not in the books just to see what different staff it does.

#3. Spend too much time reading the code and less typing code

In my early years as a programmer I realized that I spent more time reading code written by other programmers and found it so easy to understand the code but I couldn’t come up with any ideas of programs to write, I could understand all the programming basics but still felt like I couldn’t do anything with that knowledge. The best is to believe in yourself, programmers never run out of ideas, creativity drove you to be a programmer in the first place. Mostly use your sounding to your advantage. If you love chess try to program a chess game in your own language.

#4. Not using the right tools

I remember I had to spend a lot of money buying any books on java programming without finding out which book is well summarized and explains the concepts better, I also realized that old books were a little bit complicated as compared to modern ones, modern books try to make it very easy for us to understand, feel sorry for those who learnt programming in the 90s as information was not readily available like it is now, we have websites like YouTube were people post free video tutorials and I also give them credit at the same time as they are the best programmers. They had to really use their brains. So try to be updated, new books are always released and more summarized than ever. Consult other programmers on the best tools to use and were to find them and please don’t just download books illegally on the internet, let’s try to give credit to the authors of these books by buying.

#5. Wanting to learn a lot programming languages at once

What you must understand is learning a lot of languages at once will probably increase your brain gray matter but at the same time lower the pace at which you excel. I remember starting with books on java then I developed an interest on c language then discovered it was a bit old because wanted to use what most people are using these days so I moved to c-plus which people said was difficult, it was easy to grasp the concepts as the syntax was the same with java, then I heard python was the easiest so I decided to try it out and it’s the one am currently using now. Very easy to pick up.

#6 .Lack of motivation

Many of you lack motivation, motivation is very essential when it comes to programming, some of you probably wondering what am talking about. What am try to say is what is your driving force ? Sometimes your passion for programming is not enough to keep you writing code in that chair for hours, programming can be intimidating at times that you might want to give up. If it wasn’t everyone would probably be a programmer. What is it that drives you, until you find out what that is, it’s going to be hard for you succeed, maybe you are doing it for your family, you think it will get you out of that small house you are living in, move you into a big house or maybe you want to help your parents settle that debt they have with the bank. There are a lot of factors that can motivate you and different with every individual.

#7.Reading the wrong books that don’t match with you goals

What do really want to do or love doing? Is it hacking, game programming or web programming. Choose books that help you kill two birds with one stone. Why should you learn python programming then later learn hacking using python instead of learning python with a book that teaches you hacking at the same time. The best book that teaches this is the cipherHackers, it teaches you hacking while covering all the programming concepts at the same time. If you want to be a game programmer pick a book likeinvent your own computer game with python. Now that’s easy.

That’s all I had for all those having problems with programming if this article helped in anyway don’t forget to drop a comment, these are not the only reasons people are not succeeding as fast as they should. Feel free to drop your own opinions below or if you feel some points above are not worth mentioning. Drop your comments below you might just help someone in need right now and there is no feeling that beats the feeling of feeling you are making someone’s life better.

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