Creating a trustworthy website is something all bloggers should consider if they want to build a successful blog. Look and the most visited website with a high conversion and engagement rate.what do they are share in common.?

Some readers are very skeptic and in order to gain their trust there are few easy things you can do and most importantly i do follow some these some still working on them.

1. Your domain should be under an encrypted connection (use https)

Most bloggers don't take this one seriously but your connection should be encrypted and by encrypted i mean you should never use (http) but (https).If you sell any products from your website https connection is a must,your customers credit card information is safer that way.If you want to know more about http and https connect click here.

2. Put a face to website

Honestly this is something that is straight forward,Your readers should know who published the post or article,Name and face,even better if you connect your social media accounts (twitter, google+, facebook) so that if your readers decide to visit your profile they should see the same face.Publishing content anonymously want help you in any way.

3.Put a contacts ,about,and privacy policy page

Contact page is also very important but not as important as the policy page,each site has got some rules,your readers at some point will want to Subscribe to your newsletters and they need to know that they emails and other details are safe with you.They won't just guess that,you need to clearly state it in your privacy policy page.

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If your site will be collecting cookies you need to make sure that you state in your privacy policy that cookies will not be used to track your readers because violation of whatever you wrote in your privacy policy will get you arrested.

Not much of a big deal compared to the first 2,About page says what your blog is about in a nutshell,Lets the readers know if they are in the right place or not,if you have no idea how to craft your about page you can just google that,lots of websites out there that will show you how.

4.Reduce ads and pop-ups

When i first created my other websites not this one,i put up a lot of ads,wanted to start making money ASAP and i thought they looked cool,ads can be very annoying and misleading especially hidden links.You might want to reduce on that,If your site has very low traffic just wait for it to get more visits then you can think of ads.If readers visit your site and find a lot of ads,they will think you are not interested in creating informative high quality content but only in it for the money.people will lose trust and ads will also increase your bounce rate and thats not good for SEO.

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5.Update your posts 

I think its clear on this one,if you run a blog like mine,you blog about seo,we know Seo techniques change every time and the old ways may not work now.Before i click on a link in google search results i look at the date the content was published ,if its old i don't click on it.Does not matter when you first published the post,when you update it even the date changes.

6.Pick a good template which load faster

Bad template and slow loading speed of the website just shows how unprofessional your website is and if people think its unprofessional i doubt they will think your content is professional.

Alright those are some of the things that make a website trustworthy,what are your thoughts on this. And what are some of the things you think are important when it comes to building websites people can trust.?

Your thoughts !!!

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