Nothing can be more agonizing that a computer thats really slow when starting up,especially that moment when you want to show off to your friends that you just installed windows 10,it can be a pain in the is a solution for that.

1.Windows 10 has an inbuilt hybrid start up(turns windows really fast),how this works is like that of windows 8 were windows appears to have shutdown but in the real sense just on how to turn it on.

2.Make sure your anti-virus is up-to date,some times slow start ups are usually related to virus activities.

3.Check what applications are running in your task manager,you can do this by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete button and disable the apps you don't want to be running during start up,third party software can also be use
HOW TO SPEED UP WINDOWS 10 STARTUP HOW TO SPEED UP WINDOWS 10 STARTUP Reviewed by Richard Chola Bupe on 16:32 Rating: 5
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