Windows 10 is Microsoft biggest achievement after windows 7 operating system wise.since it's release last month bloggers have been blogging about all the good things and why users of older versions of windows should upgrade to windows 10.

After blogging some much Google about it people  now decided to start looking for bad things about the operating system.apart from privacy issues and annoying updates that are being released frequently.Am afraid i should say there is more than bad to be said about windows 10.

A new tool called Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.0 for Windows 10 has been developed by Paras Sidhu,this tool has 200 tweaks for windows 10 .This app will improve your Windows 10 experience and it’s completely free.

This program is only 495kb but yet has over 200 tweaks for windows 10 devices.The program is completely portable and does not require to be installation.Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract its contents and move the program folder to your desired location. Pin its executable file to your Start Menu for easy access. Do not separate out the contents of the download as it is important that the contents stay in the same folder.
200 WINDOWS 10 TWEAKS ALL IN ONE PROGRAM 200 WINDOWS 10 TWEAKS ALL IN ONE PROGRAM Reviewed by Richard Chola Bupe on 16:13 Rating: 5
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